Tom and Bob Bennett achieved a high degree of recognition in the world of sculpture, they are artists that found the same passion in life, creating unparalleled works of art. Expansive, innovative, stylized, sensuous lines that merged to form the distinguished & recognized style that is Bennett Sculpture.

Originally finding their unique sculpture style in he late 60’s and early seventies, they soon built a reputation throughout the U.S. for their one of a kind welded wire figures, which can more accurately be described as three dimensional line drawing. The first thing that strikes the viewer upon seeing these early works is the meticulous anatomical detail of the figures. The sculpture seems to be alive, showing great physical strength and depth of emotion. The muscles in a state of tension, as if they will suddenly explode into motion.

The natural progression of their work led to their vision of sleek, fluid forms cast in the classic and time tested medium of bronze. In order to make this new vision a reality they built their own art foundry in the mid-seventies, which allowed them full control over the quality of their work. It was here that their imagination & dreams began to soar as they were able to experiment with new innovative ideas & expression with their work beginning with the conception of the designs in their studios, the completed sculptures were then taken through the many stages of production by skilled artisans at the Bennett Sculpture foundry, finally emerging as the highly polished, distinctive, bronze sculptures that have become the trademark of the Bennett style. After hours of painstaking work and attention, each sculpture is given final approval by the artist, signed, numbered and certified as an original limited edition bronze.

This dedication and total control of their work is a big part of the reason for the overwhelming acclaim that their sculpture has attained. As their work expanded and attracted serious collectors around the globe they naturally opened their own Bennett Sculpture Galleries throughout the U.S. which resulted in even greater popularity as their careers spiraled to the pinnacles of the art world. From Presidents, to the Pope to the many celebrities, awards and accolades, their work continues to be truly timeless and known throughout the world as Unmistakably Bennett.

Sadly, in 2003 Bob Bennett and Tom joined his brother in 2016. Their artistic legacy lives on through their work, which is sold, exhibited and collected world-wide. Tom’s daughter Terrie Bennett has been sculpting professionally for 37 years and has created an impressive body of work. She continues in the footsteps of her father and great uncle by continuing to create, and exploring form through the medium of sculpture. Bob’s daughter Ashley is a fine art painter and runs the family gallery in Carmel. Bob’s son Bob Jr. runs a highly successful awards business in Placerville.